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February 19 Update from Chair Cliff Kuhlman.

As of February 10, TRF giving by the Rotary Club of Grants Pass has reached a total of $8,229, or 55 percent of the Goal continued this year by Club President Tina Gotchall for the Annual Fund, a goal of $15,000.

PolioPlus donations increased to $5,742, or 115 percent of President Tina’s goal of $5,000.

All-Time Giving has reached $1,534,444.

2023 Track Meet

The 73rd Annual Rotary Track Meet will be held on May 6.

Tim Quinlan and Marty Bauer will again be co-chairing the event. A kickoff meeting was held on Jan 18 after the club meeting. Here is a summary of the upcoming event, from Head Coach Jenner Yriarte:

Welcome to the 73rd Annual GP Rotary Meet featuring nearly 600 Athletes from around the State of Oregon and Northern California! We are proud to host one of the oldest Invitational Track Meets in Oregon thanks to the efforts of our Grants Pass Rotarians!
Teams will be treated to a championship atmosphere: new bleachers, food trucks from local small businesses, on-site apparel company, specialty drinks and fresh coffee, fantastic top 8 awards and recognition, and an electric crowd that appreciates Track and Field. We feel that athletes feed off of all these things which helps produce some of the top marks in the State year in and year out!
We offer a true “Invitational” Meet where only the top competitors get entry into the venue. By capping entries it allows some of the finest athletes in the State to be showcased in their respective flight, heat, or race! In addition, we offer a top 8 Frosh/Soph Division for each event which gives the “up and comers” a taste of a Championship Atmosphere as well! Based on the fact that the Meet is right before District and State Meets, we try to mimic the importance of rules and regulations and attention to details in order to ready everyone for the end of their Seasons.
Facility upgrades include but not limited to: Gill Collegiate hurdles, automatic timing system, brand new sand (out with the old and in with the new), fresh new Gill Fusion starting blocks, and an all-weather turf athlete warm-up area along with ample room for Team Areas. The track is also one of the fastest in the State, and if the “stars align” we anticipate some Records this year!
As of today, we see that 24 teams have signed up and we anticipate a few more. The 2023 GP Rotary Meet is shaping up to be a doozy. On behalf of our community, school and Grants Pass Rotarians, we look forward to the Best Rotary Ever!


Firesides have been permanently discontinued. The red badge requirements have been revised, with new requirements to replace the Fireside.

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Meeting Make-up Options
Greater Grants Pass Rotary Meets Fridays at 7:00 a.m. Grants Pass Golf Club
Rogue Gateway Rotary Meets Thursdays at noon
Wild River Public House
Illinois Valley Rotary Meets Tuesdays at 12pm
Wild River Pizza and Brewing
249 N. Redwood Hwy, Cave Junction
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Rotary Trading Banners

In the early years of Rotary, club members sought ways to strengthen connections and build friendships with fellow Rotarians from different clubs. This desire gave rise to the practice of exchanging banners as a token of goodwill and camaraderie. The tradition of trading banners became deeply rooted within Rotary clubs, creating a sense of unity and fostering meaningful relationships. Rotary Club trading banners are not mere pieces of cloth; they carry profound symbolism and meaningful designs. The most recognizable feature of these banners is the Rotary wheel emblem, an enduring symbol of Rotary’s commitment to service above self. The emblem is often placed prominently on the banner, serving as a reminder of the shared values and goals that unite Rotarians across the globe. One of the fascinating aspects of Rotary Club trading banners is their diversity and creativity. Each club has the freedom to design and customize their own banner, incorporating elements that represent their unique identity and local culture. Colors, symbols, and local landmarks are often incorporated into the design, reflecting the club’s heritage and regional pride.

Design of Grants Pass Banner

The following story was given to us by long time club member Marty Bauer.

Why is a drift boat the backdrop for the Class of ’70 photo? Several reasons. First of all, rafts like we row today, weren’t around much in the 70’s, but about 15 club members owned drift boats and the club put them to good use. We had an annual picnic that we floated to, we used them to transport the district’s exchange students on a three-day trip through the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue, and we even took about 50 members of the U.S. Air Force Band on a trip from Hog Creek to Galice-and sank a borrowed boat in the process. That’s a story in its own right.

And the broken oar. Well, in the ’70’s all we had were wood oars. When you caught them between rocks, they often broke. A bunch of Rotarians ran the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho. We had about 10 boats and all were carrying at least one spare oar and some two. By the end of the trip, we were down to one spare oar among us and getting a bit nervous. It’s pretty tough to row with one oar. So now, all but the purists row with composite oars-they’re almost impossible to break.

Side note: During Wednesday of the Middle Fork trip, we convened a Rotary meeting and even had a student of the month-Bill and Sylvia Hamilton’s daughter Carrie.