International Projects for 2017-18

Soma Seeds Ordering Order Valium Uk The 2017/18 year started with a $3,500 budget for distributions to international projects.  To date, the committee has made recommendations to the Board for funding in the amount of $2,000 for two separate projects.

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Bathrooms and sinks for children in El Salvador The committee recommended supporting a project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Littleton, Colorado.  The proposed grant is for a WASH project to build bathrooms and sinks for the children of the Centro Escolar Talnique in El Salvador.  Local health officials in El Salvador report that student suffer from low height and weight as well as parasitosis due to lack of adequate sanitation.  The Global Grant will pay to build bathrooms, hand-washing stations and supporting water infrastructure.  The total cost of the project is $57,250.  While the Littleton club is outside our district, the project was unique in that Dutch Brothers does business in this area of El Salvador.  Dutch Brothers, through their foundation committed to contributing $3,000 to the project, if our club contributed $1,000.  This was subject to a 50% RI foundation match.  Therefore, although the project is being sponsored outside our district, we had a unique opportunity to leverage funding.

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Buy Adipex Online Overnight Delivery School for at risk youth in Uganda The second project that the committee made recommendation of support is a project sponsored by the Medford and Eugene clubs.  The project introduces a model community school for at risk youth in Kasaliliwe Village in Uganda.  With a total cost of $60,000, and a DDF request of $20,000, the project funds the start up including furnishings and supplies, as well a vocational training team to assist in the sustainability of the school by mentoring Ugandan teachers.  The committee whole heartedly supported a commitment of $1,000 from our club, and authorized a delegation of Rotary members from our club to make that commitment at the October district meeting.

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