Community Service Awards

On May 25, the Community Service Committee presented the following awards from the Club Foundation funds:

Hearts with a Mission:   $880
Kevin Lamison
Serving homeless and at-risk youth by providing shelter, our gift is for furniture. Also Giff added $120 to make an even $1000, which entitles GP Rotary the name sponsor for one of the bedrooms. So, thank you Gates Furniture.

Josephine County Foundation:   $1285
Brittni Dumas/Joel Crawford
JFC is a student led non-profit with the mission of inspiring, engaging and strengthening the community through innovative leadership and service. This award will provide “Buddy Benches” in the elementary schools.

Josephine County Fairgrounds:   $1250
Peggy Anderson, Mgr. & Dan Shepherd, Fair Board Chair
Our wonderful Fairgrounds is consistently improving our facilities for a safe, clean environment and this award allows them to purchase new playground equipment.

Brighton Academy:   $785
This is a school with small class sizes, for low student to teacher ratio. This award is for the completion of their playground makeover.

NVHS Robotics:   $1500
Brad Converse
This award is to create a secure, fenced area in the old auto shop building and purchase tools to construct a robot for competition, giving opportunities to learn and practice STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

RCC Foundation:   $950
Jody Simons
This award is for Middle School STEM outreach. Kits will be provided in a hands-on workshop, which may include circuit boards, DNA staining components or items for other scientific experiments.

Josephine Community Libraries:   $1000
Kate Lasky
This award will provide Baby’s First books with/for participation in the Three River’s Hospital “new baby kit”.

Josephine County Food Bank: $1350
Sam Engel, Mgr.
“Planting seeds for the future”. This award will help establish an on-site outdoor learning kitchen to benefit youth & seniors in gardening and educational activities.