SOTY 2016

Student of the Year

The following are the recipients of the award for 2015/16

North Middle School – Gabrielle Reed 8th grade
Parents: Marci and Joseph Corona
Principal: Doug Ely

Lincoln Elementary School – Brady Miller 5th grade
Parents: Cary and Johnathon Miller
Principal: Missy Fitzsimmons

Williams Elementary School – Kalifornia Linn 5th grade
Mother: Amber Vidlak
Grandmother: Tracy Vidlak
Great Grand Parents: Sharon and Vince Vidlak
Principal: Darrell Erb

Fleming Middle School – Tanner Lawby 8th grade
Parents: Jason & Renee Lawby
Principal: Sid Hobgood

Riverside Elementary School – Sophia O’Neil 5th grade
Parent: Michael O’Neil
Principal: Jessica Durrant

Lincoln Savage Middle School – Keely Marchand 8th grade
Parents: Christine Auer and Marty Marchand
Principal: Mark Higgins

South Middle School – Jessie Burman 8th grade
Parents: Andrea & Douglas Burman
Principal: Jeff Weiss

Applegate School – Marisa Elmore 8th grade
Parents: Chet & Nikki Elmore
Principal: Darrell Herb

Applegate School – Azalea Stinson 5th grade
Parents: Tyler Stinson & Alyssa Buswell
Principal: Darrell Herb

Parkside Elementary – Shelby Sheehan 5th grade
Parents:Perry & Heather Sheehan

Highland Elementary – Rebekah Lidey 5th grade
Parents: Archie & Holly Lidey
Principal: George Personius

Allen Dale Elementary – Jaylyn Thorson 5th grade
Parents: Chad and Kristy Thorson
Principal: Jake Musser

Madrona Elementary – Rylie Terpening 5th grade
Parents: Travis & Kerry Terpening

Redwood Elementary – Amillia Silvers 5th grade
Parents: Brad & Beth Silvers
Principal: Patti Davidson

Fort Vannoy Elementary – Shannon Walsh 5th grade

Manzanita Grade School – Joshua Smith 5th grade
Parents: Felicia Cohen & David Smith

Sunny Wolf Charter School – Aspen Stangle 5th grade
Parents: Jean Stisser & Arron Stangle
Principal: Penny Dieennaro