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July 26, 2017

President Cynthia Harelson & Pinch

RI President
HS Riseley
District 5110
District Governor
Claudette McWilliams

Your Weekly eCOGS

Here is a very fun Duck Derby story. One year, while we were in the trailer with the winning ducks - Bill Thorp was taking the ducks out of the tube one by one. It was an exciting moment as he read the bar codes and Cynthia (now President Cynthia) looked them up and read off the winning names. (You see, the way this works - you adopt a duck and your adoption papers have a number code. Because this is actually a lottery, those numbers can't be the same as the ones on the duckies - so a bar code is issued and the morning of the race the numbers and codes are scrambled so even if you wanted to put "your" barcode on a duckie - you could not.) Anyway - after the first winning ducks were pulled - Bill reached in and the next winner was Steve Welch. Yay for Steve. He's a great supporter of Rotary and we were happy with the win! The next duckie was pulled out of the tube and Bill read off the code and Cynthia said - "you aren't going to believe this!" It was Dawn Welch. (She is also a great supporter of Rotary and is in the "Thursday" club). What are the odds. Dawn and Steve are in different Rotary clubs. They each purchased a Super Quack Pack on different dates. Yet, their duckies somehow found each other in the river. Now, that's soul mates for you. And to top it all off, they remained generous as one of the prizes was a television and they further donated it to The Asante Family House.

If you have a fun story to tell - send it to me. I like publishing fun stories.


P.S. Don't forget to adopt ducks!

Rich Acosta and Don Porter
Song & Pledge
Sanne Specht
Rob Pelle
Sergeant At Arms
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New Member Post
Second Post
Catherine Healy
Proposed by: Nelson Maler
Business: Board member of Women's Crisis Support Team and actor with Old Time Radio Players
Category: Human Resources

The 1945 Japanese Balloon Bomb Attack On America
Roger Brandt will tell us more about the Balloons!
If you never heard of the Japanese balloon bomb attack on America during World War Two it’s probably because both the Japanese and American governments kept it a secret. This program looks at the history of the attack, how it was accomplished, and where these balloons that were launched from Japan ended up once they reached the United States. The six month attack came closer to southern Oregon than most people realize.


Our treasurer has sent out invoices for club dues and the club's own foundation. It's good to pay the invoice as soon as possible.
Thanks for your help!

Other clubs in the area
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Rogue Gateway
Thursday at noon
Wild River Pub
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Fridays at 7:00 am
Tap Rock Grill
Illinois Valley
Tuesdays at noon
Wild River Brewing
Cave Junction
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Programs coming up
August 2 - Imagination Library
August 9 - Rotary Friendship Exchange
Barbara Bean & Midge Renton

Committee Choices

If you have not joined a committee - do so.
If you have been part of committees - perhaps it's time to branch out and change what you are doing - or perhaps you want to stay right where you are. Any of those actions are great. Here's a list of committees you could be a part of.
Click HERE!

And, by the way, if you are interested in helping with either electronic or paper COGS - let me know. It's not hard!

and...if you get this far...

This might be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. One question though - why don't people bring their own lunches to work? This short video will leave you in awe and disbelief! Really!
The World's Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai
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Two of the Club Rotarians did a great job presenting their vocationals, Rotarians Lilly and Timari. ...

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Rotarian Rob brought the Club up to date on the opportunities for Rotary education with courses available. ...

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President Cynthia presented Past President Nelson recognition for continuing to support the Rotary Foundation. ...

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Rotarian Jack posted the Four Way test as a member of the hardworking banner crew. ...

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